The Vacation

Some of my friends looked at me in disbelief or perhaps in dismay when they heard about our holiday plan to spend 2 weeks in the alps.

The same expression we’ve got from tourist on a 1-day tour whom we met when we were up in the mountains sometime ago.

I guess to some people, staying in a mountain village 4000 over feet above sea level for a week can be utter boredom.

Yet to some, it can be a trip they would only dream about and die for.

3 weeks ago, we flew back six time zones, chasing the sun rise, to Wengen, a mountain village in Bernese Oberland,  the western part of the Switzerland Alps.

It would be a perfect place to go with a backpack, stuffed with basic belongings. Travel light and hike for as far as one’s feet could carry.

We couldn’t.

We lugged along a 6 year old, a 7 month old baby, 2 elderly in their 70s and 5 luggages.

It was our 4th time there in a short span of 2 years and yet there were still so much to see and explore.

We just couldn’t get enough of the mountains.

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  1. Rach says:

    wowwwww… jus by looking at the pics make me feeling alittle cooler. I’ll go for a trip like this when there is a chance too 🙂

    you know what, I adore the last pic. have a liking to capture babies. backview ;p

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