Crazy as it may sound
my boys are still suffering from jet lag
The worst one we ever had

It wasn’t this bad usually
and it wasn’t this bad when we travel there
perhaps it was due to switching back and forth time zones within too short a period of time
or perhaps traveling west to east really proved to be more disruptive for the body clock

For the first few nights, the boys did not sleep till like 3 – 4 am and woke up the next day afternoon
Malcolm had to have a hearty meal before he could finally sleep because his body was still tuned to dinner time when it was way past midnight on our side
And baby Marcus was happily giggling and chuckling away, ready for play when the whole neighbourhood was in slumberland

Today is the first day of school and last night the boys slept slightly before 12 midnight, a great improvement, thankfully Malcolm’s school only starts at late morning

We clearly have some way to go before we get back to  our routine

I guess it’s a little price to pay for all that fun we had

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