Baby Marcus at 8 1/2 Month

Baby Marcus is 8 1/2 month old
He has 7 sharp and intimidating pearly whites
and after having repeatedly shown how TEETH can BITE which leads to OUCH
He has now grasped the concept of these 3 new words and hardly attacks the one that nourished him

He is a ferocious eater who is constantly hungry
He needs to be fed every 2-3 hours
and he is less fussy with his food as compared to his elder brother
He eats banana, papaya, mango, apple, strawberry, orange, cereals, porridge, pumpkin, carrot, fish, bread, spinach
and is happy with soupy rice with mashed tofu whenever we visit a Japanese restaurant

He blabbered ‘papa’ during our recent trip to Switzerland
though it was more to the grazing herds
and to fields of spring flowers that greeted him

He has now progressed to ‘mama’ but is still clueless to its meaning
The only word which he seems to vaguely understand is ‘mum mum’
which he has consistently linked to food

He seems eager to talk, to communicate, to connect with his elder brother
but he can only manage noise

I failed miserably at coaxing him to sleep through the night
He still wakes up to feed at night
and enjoys being stuck to my breast
which makes me a very tired soul by day

He loves his toys
but not as much as your empty drink bottle, remote controls, camera lens cap, keys and anything that hardly resemble your typical colourful, fanciful, educational toys
During our recent trip, he discovered the taste of Swiss wild grass, hay and alpine flowers
but the taste didn’t impress him much

We also found out that he has an ingenious way of befriending strangers
notwithstanding the lack of a common language in a foreign land
thus displacing the elder and laying claim as the family’s undisputed lady killer

Last week, he managed to pull himself up to a standing position
and 2 days ago, heΒ  sat up without help
He was in this push up position
with his butt sticking in the air
which I thought was a prelude to a funky dance move
but instead, with herculean effort
he heaved himself to a sitting position

He is eager to explore on all fours
but always ended up crawling backwards
until yesterday when he finally figured out the leopard crawl
and each time he masters a new position, be it standing, sitting or crawling
he would beam with joy
grin from ear to ear
turning his otherwise big eyes into little squints
flapping his little arms in exhilaration
as if doing snow angels in the air

He just melts my heart whenever he does that



  1. blessed mom says:

    he has grown so much and so cute!! and amazed at his speech development! mine @ 15 mths still can’t blabber “mama” nor “papa” though he understand everything we said. πŸ™

    And i loves his smile! sweet! it melts everyone’s heart, not only mommy! indeed a lady killer πŸ™‚

    Rachel : hey blessed mom, this guy just seem so eager to talk, Malcolm on the other hand only started ‘talking’ when he was two. They are just so different in development

  2. --Andy-- says:

    If babies can eat, it must mean they are Happy πŸ™‚
    Marcus got a nice smile :0

    Rachel : hey thanks andy, I shall take your advice…coming from a very experienced dad πŸ™‚

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