Olympic Torch Lantern Craft

Malcolm was asked to bring a used bottle or a tissue box for lantern making in school. Either that, or bring a home made lantern. We did the latter.

Last year, we made tanks and planes and they were a big hit at his school so much so that it is hard to beat this year

Then we read this story, a 12 year old boy who ran 15 km for 2 1/2 hour, in his flip flops, despite heavy rain, to follow the Youth Olympic torch relay in his neighbourhood

We were greatly inspired by the young boy’s determination, perseverance and passion


So this year, in the spirit of YOG (Youth Olympic Games), we made an Olympic torch lantern

His teachers in school loved it so much that they have requested to borrow it to adorn the classroom

So this Mid-Autumn festival, my 6 year old will be running around like a torch bearer. HA !

What you need :

1 used kitchen roll
2 plastic food container
aluminum foil
acrylic paint
stapler and blue tac
printouts of YOG mascots, banner or logo for decoration

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