Homemade Lanterns

We did not hear from our Olympic lantern since that day he brought it to school

We figured out that it is easier to make another one than to harass his teacher for what seem like scraps from the garbage bin

So we ended up making another lantern for his lantern parade in school

It was an airplane lantern just like the one we made last year

However this time, we made it stronger and better, an improved version I would say

Stronger because we used mostly staples instead of glue to hold the parts together

Plus, we had it all nicely painted, just like the colours found in our country’s Black Knight

He was so eager to go school that evening

His friends were very curious with his ‘special’ lantern and the guys especially love it

He had another lantern which he made in school using tissue paper box.

They were all so lovely

I knew he must have enjoyed himself that night as he refused to go home even when most of his friends had left

I really love these homemade lanterns, each is a special piece of art by the children themselves

They definitely beat any lanterns you can find in the market, especially those that comes with cheesy electronic music

What you need

1. Coke bottle for body of the airplane
2. Plastic containers for wings, tail and fins
3. String
4. Disposable chopstick for carrying the lantern
5. Tealight candle
6. Acrylic paints
7. Staple

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  1. Rachel says:

    How creative Mal is! A home-made lantern, definitely better than those battery operated, commercial ones with techno music.

    Rachel : hey rachel, Mal did not do this by himself, we work on it together. He helps to think how to fix the plane and what colour to put on the plane 🙂

  2. andy says:

    hi Rachel, u might have a Happy problem.
    Where do you keep all these wonderful art crafts?

    Rachel : hey Andy, that is indeed a problem that we have. For the lanterns, they are still sitting around in the house although it is quite a wreck after a few nights of lantern parade. Some of them sit in his toy box, some on the window ledge in his room, bits and pieces lying here and there on his book shelves… I used to hang up his crafts using clothes pegs…still, housekeeping is required when we end up with too many crafts.

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