Mental Math

Malcolm loves numbers and he loves crunching numbers in his head
The other day in the car he started telling us that the Singapore Flyer takes 37 minutes to go 1 round

So I asked,
Me : Then how long will it takes to go 2 rounds ?
*short pause*
Malcolm : 1 hour 14 min

Me : What about 3 rounds ?
*slightly longer pause*
Malcolm : 1 hour 51 min

Me : 4 rounds ?
*almost immediate, while I was still doing the Math in my head*
Malcolm : 2 hour 28 min !

Me : How did you get that ?
Malcolm : If 2 rounds is 1 hour 14 min, then 4 rounds is double lor

His way of adding 1 hour 14 min twice is definitely easier than mine, adding 37 minutes to 1 hour 51 minutes !

I may be imagining things, but whenever my 6 years old does things like this, I see an image of a bespectacled quirky socially awkward nerd

Yikkkes !!!

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  1. Tin says:

    Wow! Malcom is amazing! He can do such calculations at such age when the P1’s are just learning to tell time!

    Rachel : hey Tin, he learn to tell the time sometime back and nowadays I can’t just tell him ‘oh it’s late, time to sleep’ he is able to tell the time himself and calculate for himself how many hours he needs to sleep! Not so good huh

  2. Dawn says:

    This is not nerd hor…this is a math genuis in the making!!! so clever!

    Rachel : hey Dawn, just want to tell u that your pics bring back fond memories of PC II. I bet u and your family are having a great time there, had some problem trying to leave comment on your site.
    genius? Will see what he will turn out to be in few years’ time

  3. andy says:

    Great, a human calculator 🙂
    Bring him to NTUC or Cold Storage to test his maths when u checkout keke (kids, we always underestimate them, not the other way round)

    Rachel : hahha Andy, that’s a good one…will do so when I do my next grocery shopping 🙂

  4. Rachel says:

    Wow..his mental addition skills is amazing. Usually most kids are not able to do mental math till they are in primary 1-2. Mal is really advanced!

    Rachel : I can’t remember when I started doing mental maths…but definitely not at his age. Then again, kids nowadays can do many things we couldn’t do when we were their age. They are just getting smarter these days! For Malcolm, we concluded that he just has a flair for numbers and he enjoys analysing and thinking in circles which perhaps is the reason why he enjoys doing math in his head. Not sure whether that is a good thing. I wonder how he gonna work out the math on paper when he goes Primary school. hmmm…

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