Food For Thoughts

Sometimes I think having a second child is like getting a fresh piece of dough to work on
A fresh chance to knead, mold and shape a masterpiece, yes ?

It is like given a bigger sample size to test out certain parenting theories
A chance to refine parenting skills, avoiding what seems like bad parenting decisions we had made with our first born

Although a large part of me believed that certain traits of an individual are innate
there are times when I second guess my decisions and thought that perhaps I should have tried harder to influence my child’s habits

Harping on the WHAT-I-SHOULD-HAVEs can be mentally draining

My first born is a fussy eater
As a baby, he refused food that doesn’t please his taste bud
We failed to coax him into eating what he doesn’t like
and we reasoned that even adults have likes and dislikes much more a child

So since young, Malcolm gets to decide what he doesn’t eat and how much he wants to eat
which really isn’t that bad, as without having to battle over what-you-should-eat at the dinner table
he has grown up enjoying his food

Except that today, there are certain food that he simply refuses to take

On one hand, I like to believe that I had tried my best to introduce a wide repertoire of food to him since he was a baby
On the other hand, there is a lingering doubt that bugs me …
Perhaps if I was a little more creative, things might turn out differently

With Marcus, I was hoping to influence his taste bud and appetite
I ended up spending more time chasing after him, with food that I think he should eat and in quantities that I think he should finish

I frowned at my husband’s feeble attempt to feed him
and labeled it as impatient

I fret over what to cook and get all stressed up when the baby doesn’t finish his food
It’s tiring and even more draining than being plagued by the WHAT-I-SHOULD-HAVEs

Then a sudden realization that
perhaps I am the impatient one, too eager to shape my child’s habit

I have forgotten that I used to frown on parents who do what I am doing now
chasing their little ones to finish their little bowl of nutritious dinner
but at the same time belittling their individual palates

were not as bad as the WHAT-I-SHOULD-NOT-HAVE
for despite being a fussy eater, mealtimes have always been enjoyable and never a struggle for Malcolm

So with that, Marcus, will be given the liberty to be like his elder brother, freedom to be himself

Because even though he is little, it is important for him to start learning what he likes
and to express it the best way he knows it

Which is in this case, taking a BIG BITE !


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