My six year old came up with this the other day while we were having afternoon snack

No, it isn’t some fantangled war plans
nor is it some air to air combat tactics that he has invented

It is his school’s graduation concert
and he was trying to explain to me the part that he is playing

There will be a whole bunch of animals performing
and I was fed with a whole list of names, who’s what
The tiger is the king of the herd

Apparently he was ‘promoted’ from a turtle to a tiger
and he gets to ‘eat’ any animal he wants

He will be partnering with the lion
acted by a girl whom he has held hand with

He has been singing and marching around the house with his invisible graduation scroll these days
I don’t understand a word he is singing (the song is in Mandarin)

It is funny but I am not trivializing
as I can tell how serious he is about this whole thing

The concert is tomorrow
I am excited

My son is graduating !

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  1. andy says:

    Graduation skits and the songs are big-things for the kids.. I was amazed at their memory (to remember so many songs), and their sense-of-timing during the shows.. just bring your vcam along hehe

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