My Part Time Cleaner Is Here

It’s amazing how the kids always find things around the house to play

Today my 11 month old decided to yank out the magic mop from the kitchen

and help me clean up the house

It doesn’t bother him at all that his new ‘toy’ doesn’t come with a sticker or logo that says Fisher Price or Little Tikes

My elder son’s favourite toy used to be a hammer for doing craft

and he used to imagine anything that he came upon that is rollable to be a vacuum cleaner


Some frowned, while others freaked out when they see my children play with real tools and not toys

Perhaps these ‘toys’ aren’t educational enough

or they worried that such ‘toys’ might stunt a child’s intellectual development

There are some who went to the extent of believing that the toys their children fiddle with will determine their future professions


Well, I am not too sure

I like to think that

Children should be free to imagine

and at least in this case, I know that my magic mop will not be recalled by the manufacturer for lead paint hazard or choking hazard



  1. --Andy-- says:

    hah to those nay-sayers, we grow up with marbles and grasshoppers and what-not! I do not feel short-changed hehe. Like you, we encourage freedom and imagination at home 🙂

  2. Dawn says:

    Good job!!! I see nothing wrong with that…I always wet a piece of bounty kitchen towel to clean Samuel’s hands after his meals, and then another to clean the table of his high wants to do that!! and he is so into cleaning things!! his table, the window, the TV console, the i let him clean…at least there is nothing dangerous with that yar!!

  3. Ing says:

    My boys like to play with the mop too and will go around the house wiping all kinds of furniture with a piece of towel!

    I agree totally that such “toys” can be even better in developing their imagination and creativity!

  4. Alice Law says:

    Einstein said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” I reckon imgination is children true and natural asset, let it grows extensively… don’t ever think of stopping it!

    Hello, greeting from My Little Sprouts, a mama with 2 miracles!;) Have great weekend!

    Rachel : hey Alice, thanks for dropping by and I like that quote!

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