Enjoy The Journey

Sometime ago, I decided to trim off my slightly over the shoulder length hair
to most, no biggie, strands of non-living fibers which left on its own would flourish and grow
but a tough choice that tormented me for weeks

To cut or not to cut ?
Here’s a little prelude

I decided to grow my hair long some years back when our family was relocated overseas
It was a practical thing to do as I dread going under the shears of some strangers who claimed to know their stuff

I am an ordinary homemaker
one of those you’ll find in abundance in your mum’s generation
often bogged down by mundane chores and kids and all

which is also why it’s so darn crucial to get a decent overhaul
for it’s just too easy to slip into decadence when
your preschoolers are your best friends and your daily mate

Then there’s the other perspective

I need to hit that midriff point
It can’t be that difficult, can it ?
when your sisters have had them like F-O-R-E-V-E-R
and I am almost there this time
just a few inches more to go

Then if hair can talk
mine would probably be screaming for me to have them short
and spare them from the stressing and gagging
with my merciless pull and tug and scrunching them into super tight bun

ok, I confess
I don’t treat them well

So I went back and forth like this for weeks
Short or long ?
Long or short ?


Then one fine day
I woke up and decided
Enough is enough
I shall have them cropped !

The few inches off my crown took a few pounds off my chest
I realized that my indecisiveness has been suffocating me

Now, I am enjoying my above the shoulder length hair
It is now a few inches longer than the photo as seen above

I do miss my long hair once a while
and wonder how I will look with really long hair
but I stop short at believing that life will only be perfect if my hair could reach that perfect length

I realized that perhaps growing hair is like reaching goal
It’s not the destination but the journey
Joy is found not in reaching ‘that’ length but in growing it


Ahhhh … Women !
or is it just me ?!



  1. Jolene says:

    Haha…. So true! I tussled for a few weeks too. And one fine day when my head was telling me to cut at that moment, a salon stood in front of me. So off the hair goes 🙂 am enjoying the short bob greatly cos it does make one look younger, hahaha

    Rachel : heheh so glad to know that I’m not alone 😉 ain’t we so glad that we finally make up our mind

  2. Tin says:

    Sigh.. I’m at this suffocating moment of “to cut or not to cut” now…

    Rachel : hey Tin, oh u are at that stage now , heheh
    hmmm I will say…go for it! then again it takes minutes to lose them but years to grow them back…then again, change is good for spicing up the mundane life of a SAHM 🙂

  3. Maddysmum says:

    Hey Rachel, been reading your blog for sometimes. It’s not just you, it’s woman. I have always have short hair and what I have now is already considered long. Like the length but don’t like the fact that it grows frizzy over just slight humidity. Ah well…. its just that ill never be satisfied over my super fine(read thin) hair….

    Rachel : hey Maddysmum, thanks for reading.
    I had frizzy and unhealthy looking hair too when I am in spore.
    I realised that my hair tends to be more ‘obedient’ and healthier when I am in temperate country.
    I suspect the chlorine in the pool also contribute to the damage, in any case, it’s good to have short and manageable hair esp for someone who is always running after kids !

  4. Nic says:

    You look more fresh 🙂 I was very indecisive in my ounger days but now I act rashly – when the thought pops up I will head out immediately (I can’t even wait for a day) to cut, perm or straighten!! And it’s thrilling 🙂

  5. malmal says:

    hey nic, thanks! looking fresh is something I need these days and I can totally understand what you mean by the thrilling part..The ooommmps and ahhhhs of a SAHM’s life, we need thrills like this to spice up our lives! hahah

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