An Ingenious Cook

Our weekend outdoor regime was disrupted by the surging PSI
we ended up at busy shopping malls with like minded Singaporeans
Fully air-conditioned and completely indoor
shielded from the crazy haze

We were spared from inhaling the polluted air
but when it comes to dinner time, the queues were crazy
We ended up heading home with growling stomachs

It was late
I was exhausted
I threw the kids some toys and completely conked out on the sofa

Meanwhile my husband busied himself in the kitchen
rummaging for food in our unreplenished fridge

Then within half an hour or so
he dished out this

Salmon Fried Rice with Chinese Spinach and Egg

Who would have thought of THIS combination
certainly not me !

I could only manage Salted Fish Fried Rice with Bean Sprout and Egg
but his tasted surprisingly good, considering the fact that I don’t usually like cooked salmon

Then it is not just the combination
It is how fragrance the fried rice turns out

I truly believe that he has reached the acme of frying rice
No kidding


With a husband like this
Sometimes he just makes my job at home looks too simple
Bleh !



  1. Rachel says:

    That’s an interesting recipe for fried rice 🙂 Hehe…these men who can cook really makes it look so easy indeed. When my hb goes to the kitchen to cook, I think he has proven himself to be a better cook than I am 🙁

    Rachel : they make us look bad when they are too capable, hehe…my husband is right…women, so hard to please !

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