Recycled Gift Wrapping

And I don’t remember Christmas being so hectic
My family is not Christian and we don’t go church
Christmas eve, much like Lunar New Year Eve, is  a time for us to come together, exchange gifts, play silly games, eat and be merry
However, the spirit of giving and sharing is something that we would like to teach our children

The gift exchange gave me reason to indulge in women’s favourite pastime … shopping
But having to lug  2 kids wherever I go make even a therapeutic pastime … stressful

When I am out, my time is split between feeding the younger one and entertaining the elder one
Only when they are happy will I get to do my shopping

As such, my progress in completing my shopping list took forever
I was still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve itself when I should be in the kitchen preparing food for the evening party at our place

Then I realized I ran out of wrapping paper for the last few gifts

I ended up grabbing some brown paper from the kitchen, meant for lining the drawers and shelves
Cut out some festive symbols from some used magazines and brochures
and Voila !

I found myself admiring my own ‘artwork’

I thought these were even better than those wrapped with ‘proper’ wrapping paper
Perhaps used newspaper will be even better

Good wholesome gift wrapping, friendly to our planet Earth
and I can’t wait for the next gift wrapping session !

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