Puppy Paws

My 2 kids love dogs
They would tail them if they see them on the streets or in the park

It has been my husband’s picture perfect dream to have kids and dog running amok in the house
The deal was, he needs to buy me a house with a garden big enough so that the dog can sleep outside
Of course, I shattered his dream

Weeks before Christmas, I bought a couple of Christmas DVDs

I was hoping that the movie would keep us warm and fuzzy on a cold rainy night
One of them was Walt Disney’s 2009 production, Santa Buddies : The Legend of Santa Paws
It is about how Puppy Paws, pup of the legendary Santa Paws, and his friends travel to the North Pole to save Christmas from disaster

Malcolm LOVES it
He watched it over and over again and he made everyone who came to our home, watched it with him

So apart from Beyblades, his next obsession this Christmas was Puppy Paws

He got all inspired the other day after watching the movie and decided to make his Dad a Christmas gift

So we made one from magazine scraps, Macdonald chilli ketchup saucer, Meiji milk bottle and a couple of used toilet rolls

My husband sort of had his dream come true this Christmas
and as for Malcolm, he was happy with a card from Puppy Paws



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