A Little Something For The Children

Last October, we did a fund raising with the help from friends and readers of this site
We raised enough money to buy some shoes and socks for the 84 children (increased to 96 this year) at Chen Su Lan Methodist Home

This year, with the birth of baby Marcus, life has been a little hectic, crazy and unpredictable
I was a little carried away by the hustle and bustle of life and the daily grind of being a mother of two active and fussy kids

It doesn’t help when the baby’s mood often dictates my activities for the day

I woke up a day after boxing day, realised that Christmas is over
and the year is really nearing an end

There was this sudden fear of beginning a brand new year with  ‘I SHOULD have ….’
the result of procrastination
and you know such things always come back and haunt you, much like jogging

So I woke up in the morning
called up the Home to check whether they would accept some home made cookies for the children

They said yes
but they close at 6

I jotted down the ingredients
Sent my husband off to get them

and with the help of the kids

well, sort of

we baked and decorated enough cookies to go around for the children

We delivered and distributed to some of them whom were around having dinner in the cook house when we arrived

All within a day’s work and perhaps a lesson on giving


Note :
I explained to Malcolm why we are baking cookies for the children and he was quick to put on his Happy Feet t-shirt that we printed for him last year to do the delivery
He was however a bit shy and ended up holding the bags of cookies quietly behind me while I passed them out to the kids

Here’s a picture taken by him before we left

It’s a Christmas tree set up in the cook house by the children and volunteers, made from Vitagen bottles



  1. Tin says:

    Happy New Year Rachel! May the new year bring you and your family lots of joy, love and bliss.

    Rachel : hey tin, thank you for your well wishes…wishing you and your family a great year ahead too

  2. pc says:

    Once again, kudos to your effort and thought.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Rachel : hey pc, thanks! happy new year to you and your family too

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