To Our Fir Tree, With Love

And you once filled our home with festivity and joyfulness
Fresh, green, perky leaves filled with wholesome things
You were beautiful just being you
From atop the mountain you probably have been

We love your scent and we love where you’ve been
If you can’t go to the mountain, bring the mountain to you
and bringing you home was just what we did

For a while, all you wore were strings of lights
The kids spent a long while fiddling with them
When they were finally up
They stood in awe watching you glisten in the dark

During days when it was too wet to head outdoor
To keep the little hands busy and my sanity
we decorated you with crafts, toys and crystal balls
then we sat back and marveled as you stood beautifully tall

The kids adore you
They fussed over you
Cleaning up leaves you shed
and quenching your thirst with sprinkle spray
You taught them a lesson or two
On how to care for trees like you
and the DOs and DON’Ts with unusual playthings and all

For many nights you stood in our living hall
watching over us as we dine, laugh and play
you brought gaiety and cheers
warmth to our home on nights so chill

Then like all things living you had to go
You shed too much and no longer stood tall
We took you down and watched you go

Now the place you stood remains vacant in our living hall
Your radiance and grandeur linger
Your beauty and splendor etched and reminiscenced

From the mountain we will bring you back
Till next year we will meet once more

Note : We took down the fir tree 3 days ago
We had it for slightly more than a month and our family enjoyed it tremendously
If possible I would want to have the tree in my house the whole year round
Perhaps I should just go to the mountain



  1. Frances says:

    Hi, been following your blog. Just want to say – what a splendid poem!! And I always liked the photos taken in your blog. Would like to check with you – which resort did you go to for skiing when you were in France? Am thinking of bringing my family to Europe for skiing one of the winters. Thanks!

    Rachel : hi Frances, thanks for the kind words and thanks for bearing with my ‘poem’.

    We went to ski in Flaine, which is in the Haute-Savoie region in France, and Wengen which is in Switzerland. The other option is to go Chamonix in France. They all have their pros and cons.

    For convenience of travel, go to either Chamonix or Wengen. They are about 2-3 hours by high speed train from Paris and Zurich. If I am not wrong, there is a new TGV high speed train from paris to Chamonix by now.

    For night life, I think choose Chamonix.
    For easy skiing slopes, choose Flaine or Wengen. Wengen’s slope may be quite icy for the beginners are they are at a lower altitude

    For variety in skiing and more advanced skiing, choose Chamonix.

    They are all great for sight-seeing, but Chamonix and Wengen have cable cars and/or trains for non-skiiers to enjoy the view of glaciers and spectacular high mountain views (>12,000 ft type)

    For shopping and city life, choose Chamonix.
    For the quaint and charming mountain chalet, choose Wengen.

    Flaine and Chamonix are a lot more commercialized and are not so charming
    Flaine and Chamonix are in the French Alps, and surprisingly seem to be more expensive than Wengen. Could be because of the differences in exchange rates for Euros and Swiss Francs.

    Regardless of where you go, skiing holidays are expensive esp when you add up cost of the ski tickets, equipment rental, and ski school, so be prepared to splurge!

    P.S. – Don’t try and save on the ski school if you have not skied before. It is very worth it.
    Personally we enjoyed the mountain stay at Wengen and the slopes in Flaine. Both me and Malcolm are amateur skiiers

    Hope this helps


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