A Stranded Myna

It was a weekday morning
The kids and I were having breakfast when I saw this bird charging towards our living room window

Instead of stopping to sit on the window sill like what most birds would do
this one went right through the window and landed on top of the pile of toys, stacked at the corner of our living room

For a while, it perched happily atop my son’s world globe before realizing something wasn’t quite right
It started squawking and flapping its wings frantically, charging towards the window panes

You see, we live in an apartment on the 8th floor and our living room has a full glass panel with 2 little windows that open out at both corners

The bird, a myna with a bright yellow beak, must have seen the greenery outside through the spotless glass and thought he could go right through
but hey dude, haven’t your mama taught you how not to crash into someone’s window panes ?!

By now, the kids have heard and seen the bird
They dropped what they were eating and scrambled off to get close

GREAT, so now what ?
the man wasn’t around and I am no expert at catching wild fowl
So there I was, stucked in the house with a very distressed myna and 2 very curious kids
and I was freaking out

I opened up the other window, hoping that the bird would find its way out
I had to move discreetly so that I won’t frighten the little thing
which wasn’t easy as the bird was sitting right below that window and my legs were turning soft just trying to get near

Thoughts raced through my mind
What if  I startled the little thing and it went charging onto our breakfast table or my clean laundry and hell what
It was probably very filthy, being in the wild and I will have a hard time sterilizing the whole house

Then I realized that we don’t usually get a wild bird flying into our house
So I asked Malcolm to hold on to his very curious brother while I grabbed hold of my camera and starting shooting

By then, there were a few other mynas that found their little compatriot and was peering through the glass from outside
They must be thinking how the hell did their friend get inside ?!

All this while, I was busy, trying to do multiple tasks at the same time
Taking pictures, changing lens, getting on all fours, talking on the phone seeking advice on how to deal with a stranded bird and keeping an eye on the boys

Then Malcolm suggested that maybe he could just grab the bird like how he grab the cockroach and throw it out of the window
‘But what if the bird peck you in the eye ?’ I asked
and I remember during a wild bird session at the library
we were told how the littlest falcon can kill its prey instantaneously with its deadly beak

Well I know it was just a papaya eating myna we have here
but you never know what a desperate frantic wild fowl is capable of

So we waited and waited
the bird continued squawking and wearing itself out, trying to break through the glass

Then it occurred to me that the chance of the bird finding its way out was perhaps very remote
The bird obviously wasn’t very smart or it wouldn’t have ended up in our living room and trying to bore a hole through the glass

Finally I had an idea
I handed Malcolm his shovel
and explained to him how he could use it while I grabbed hold of Marcus

With a few tries, he managed to scoop up the badly shaken and exhausted bird and haul it out of the window

The bird fell through the air for a while before spreading its wing and gliding off to the nearest trees with a flock of birds of the same kind trailing behind
It was probably thrilled and relieved to regain freedom

So, that was how my 6 year old saved his mum from a stranded myna



  1. Ing says:

    I enjoyed reading this. 🙂 Malcolm is brave. Makes me feel like he will be there to protect and help his mama n little brother when daddy is not at home.

    Btw, i like the way he stood up for himself too when faced with a bully.

    Rachel : hey Ing, makes me feel like a damsel in distress. glad he inherited the gut and courage from his dad..definitely not from me

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