Winning Shot – A Kiss From The Past

[My husband and Marcus at 6 month old]

A friend sent me an email reminding me to catch the last episode of The Big Shot, a local reality TV series of 10 aspiring photographers competing for $20,000
I mentally noted down the time and day of the show but my memory failed me as usual

I switched on the TV a day after the show was aired
I missed it
In fact, I missed the whole series

The goggle box in our house has became our way of keeping up with the social norms
These days it is used more for entertaining guests who show signs of withdrawal symptoms when the box is not switched on
These signs include restlessness, listlessness, isolation and awkward silence

I digressed
In any case, I was later told I could watch the show on xinmsn catcup up tv
which I did and later found out more about the show on The Big Shot page on Facebook

All after the last episode was aired

I realised that there was a last Nikon camera to be won in their photography contest for the public
To participate, upload a photo to facebook with a caption ‘A Kiss From The Past’ and the winner of the show, Liew will be the judge and the picture with the most ‘likes’ win
The contest ends the next day

A NEW Nikon camera
I assumed it has to be the D7000 since they play the D7000 advertisement ALL the time when I watched it on xinmsn

I would really really LOVE to try out and have my first Nikon DSLR

So I chose a picture, uploaded it to facebook and urged my friends to take part, the big lure…a Nikon camera

A few days later, I received a message from the The Big Shot Team
Our photo had won !

and the prize


this very cool and gadgety point-and-shoot Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ

It comes with a built-in projector and a 3″ touchscreen, thus the absence of your usual multi-control button and has since became both Malcolm’s and my favourite toy.

It will probably end up to be my daily companion since my DSLR is too bulky to be carried around with the kids these days

It is of course a far cry from the D7000 that I had in mind BUT
I ain’t not complaining
as this is the FIRST thing I’ve ever won in my 38 years of life
and it’s the FIRST photography contest I’ve ever taken part in

Any FIRST clocked at my age ought to be celebrated and rejoiced


Thank you Nikon Singapore for such a cool camera and thanks Mediacorp for such an amazing show !


  1. Maddysmum says:

    It’s a wonderful shot indeed and congrats for winning. I never really won anything before, so the feeling must be very shiok!

    Rachel : hey maddysmum thanks. winning does give me a slight sense of satisfaction and achievement

  2. --Andy-- says:

    congrats! feels good to win right keke..I assume u will be participating in GreatShots2 haha

    Rachel : hey andy…is there a great shots 2? hmmm…u should go…u r getting really good 🙂

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