Windows and Doors

I am drawn to windows and doors for some reason

I think it started off with my neighbour’s well manicured window ‘garden’ when we were living in Paris

I remember the old lady who spent a large part of her time trimming and grooming her pots of shrubs and flowers

I would watch her from across my apartment window

She obviously takes pride in maintaining her window ‘garden’

[my neighbour’s window in Paris]

When we were in Paris, I remember being told that occupants were not allowed to hang their laundry near the window even if they were hung inside the apartment

I think the French will freak out when they see how our people sun our laundry

[at our campsite in Chamonix, France]

Beautifying the window is a culture for most European countries and I get to see more of these window gardens when I travel in  Europe

They look like pieces of art

and must have had inspired many great painters which is why we are seeing them on canvas today

[Nice, France]

Then in Italy, I get to see some really interesting doors

I won’t say that they are pretty, unlike those windows with lovely flowers

Most of them are old and worn

Each with a certain character that appeals

[while hiking in Cinque Terre, Italy]

Each with a story to tell

And that was when I started shooting them

I ended up with quite a collection of pictures of windows and doors during my 1 1/2 year stay in Paris

[Deserted ground floor house with rising water level, Venice Italy]

As I browse through each picture, I am surprised how much I could recall with my regressing memory

The trip, the place, how I lagged behind the kids and my husband because I was busy snapping away

[The Colosseum, Rome Italy]

Looking back, I am glad I took the time to photograph them

I know these pictures and memories will walk a long way with me



  1. Yi Huey says:

    hello rachel, i love your shots – always thought they look professionally done! maybe its been my desire to visit europe for a while now, hence i always love it when you show off your lovely memories of the places there… hopefully one day, i wil get there and enjoy the same things as you did and more! thank you 🙂

    • malmal says:

      Hi Yi Huey, thank you for your kind words though I really think I have a long way to go when it comes to photography
      The pictures of our Europe trip bring back fond memories and often find its way to this site…excuse me for my self indulgent
      I remember you mentioning about your Europe trip. I guess you should be going there soon ?

      btw it’s Rachel here, it seem that I am stucked with malmal as the username

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