All In A Day

Yesterday was an eventful day for me
My 17 month old toddler surprised me by hitting a few milestones within a day

He usually picked up his food with his hands
Occasionally he would use a spoon but he usually end up feeding the floor

Yesterday he managed to scoop up his macaroni and chicken with a spoon without dropping on the floor
He managed to eat his lunch with a spoon !

Then later in the afternoon, we had banana for snack
He started whining when I finished off the last bit of his fruit
When he saw me returned with another banana
He uttered ‘more’ which caught me by surprise

Sensing his enthusiasm to communicate
I tried my luck getting him to call me

And guess what
he called ‘mama’ for the very first time
and he didn’t stop there
He went on to ‘papa’

I was thrilled
I was exhilarated
I was overwhelmed
I couldn’t stop smiling

I was engulfed with emotion
I felt like a first time mum all over again !

I briskly grabbed my phone took a video and sent it over to his Dad

I caught it LIVE !
It was first hand news



I LOVE my job
and I can’t imagine being anything else



  1. Jolene says:

    Oh yes, I remember those moments too. Thaddeus seem to be hitting those milestones around that same age too. Much faster that the elder one. At 25 months now, he’s already giving commands to people around the house… latest from him last night was “cannot buy!!” when I wanted to buy a beybalde for his brother…

    • malmal says:

      Malcolm said his first word about the same time and only started speaking in sentences when he was 24 month old. Sounds like a little boss you have there…giving commands at 25 month. Cute !

    • malmal says:

      Indeed Daphne, moments like this make it all worthwhile….one of those intangible things that keep a stay at home mum going

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