Malcolm’s Photo

Malcolm likes to fiddle with our cameras
He gets to play cameraman when we are out and about
and often he makes heads turn when he uses our bulkier camera

It is a good way to keep him occupied
To improve his focus and train up his patience

Sometimes he does a wonderful job
like this one where everyone made it into the frame

Sometimes he doesn’t

If left on his own, he will end up with pictures of trees, bugs, cats, skyscrapers, cars and varied objects often taken from weird angles

It is interesting to go through the pictures he takes

I thought it will be fun to put up some of his nicer pictures on this site

So I have created an album called Malcolm’s Photo under the Gallery menu

This will be like a mini project for him to work on

And I hope it will encourage him to keep on shooting



  1. Jolene says:

    Dylan does the same too 🙂 He took a few very nice shots during our trip to Perth last year. Time to dig up my cam again for him. Btw, Didi reminds me very very much of Thaddeus. Both are as tubby at the tummy and has big eyes. But I hope he’s not as naughty as Thaddeus tho’. That terror drives everyone at home up the wall sometimes…

    • malmal says:

      hey jolene, I think we are in the same boat…Marcus is much more active than Malcolm. He is a fearless climber. It’s tiring to run after this guy.
      ya I think it’s time to dig out your cam for Dylan though I think it will be better if you let him have the older camera, knowing how careless they can be. Malcolm just scratched one of my DSLR lens a few days ago *heart ache*

  2. Lady J says:

    Nice set of pics and a great way to hone your boy’s photography skills. Think its an interesting way to see the world being captured by the little ones. 😉

    • malmal says:

      hey lady J thanks for dropping by.
      indeed interesting to see the world from a child’s view
      also a great way to keep him self entertained 🙂

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