In Search Of My Oak Tree

Apart from Windows and Doors
I have a liking for trees

It started off when I first visited the States when I was in my early twenties
My husband, back then my boyfriend, showed me a book by Ansel Adams
I was mesmerized by the oak tree

[Ansel Adams’s Oak Tree]

We get to see interesting trees in vast open fields when we go for road trips
I started paying more attention to them

Perhaps I was hoping to find my oak tree
A lone bare tree that frames the horizon

Usually to get close to these trees we need to wade through undergrowth
Sometimes trespassing private land
Back then we own a film camera

It was fun but time consuming
Not possible if we have a tight traveling schedule or worse if we are traveling with kids

Over time, I have collected some trees pictures
mostly taken when we travel

These pictures are far from perfect
Almost all were taken with a point and shoot camera as we only invest in a DSLR recently

As I looked through these pictures
I realised that I will probably need a life time to find and photograph my perfect tree

Note : I have created an album Trees under Gallery

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    • malmal says:

      hey thanks tin 🙂 These pictures look ok in normal print. But if enlarged, you will see that the quality is not very good

  1. Stephanie Sim says:

    Its absolutely lovely when you read something someone else wrote that seems to echo everything you want to say!

    I really love trees too, and it started because I came to the UK for studies! It made me notice the changing leaves of the trees through the seasons, and how there are so many types of trees (and leaves).

    And like you, I’ve always wanted to find my tree. I settled for the one just outside my hostel, but it’s planted in university grounds, so it does lack that “solitary” background.

    Hope you find your tree one day! =)

    • malmal says:

      Hi Stephanie
      thanks for dropping by and your comment
      It brought a huge smile to my face
      Indeed very nice to know that I could connect with someone through this site and these pictures
      I took a quick browse at your site
      You take gorgeous pictures
      I love the tree outside your hostel, I presume is the one under Season
      Love its bright yellow autumn colours
      Love your Trees pictures too
      Enjoy your time in UK and keep on shooting 🙂

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