What A Week

It’s been a helluva week

I caught the flu bug and was down for 2 days
Then the little one got it and was whiny and sticky for another 2 days

My elder boy celebrated his 7th birthday over the weekend

I failed to dissuade him from having a birthday party
He chose a Beyblade birthday party over a short getaway
What can I say ? The birthday boy decides

So I ended up having to organize a last minute birthday party over the weekend
He came up with the guest list though
which was mostly boys since he was quite sure no girls would be interested in yanking beyblade launcher

So within a week we sent out the invitations, booked the venue, ordered the food, prepared the decoration and the most stressful of all, baked the birthday cake

I was quite sure my energy for the week was fueled by adrenaline
And the fatigue finally sets in after the madness was over
I woke up feeling tired this morning even after having slept 10 hours

I am glad that the party was finally over and the boy had fun
For now, I just need my rest to recuperate



  1. Ethel says:

    Happy birthday Malcolm! Good job on the cake baking… it looks good! I remember you baking his cake last year too 😉 Take care and rest well.

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