A Birthday Cake That Went Wrong

So I took the risk to bake a 10 inch brownie fondant beyblade cake for Malcolm’s 7th birthday party
My first attempt at making fondant icing cake

Yes, I do have some experience baking brownie cake
In fact I baked it so often prior to his birthday that for the past 1 month
it has became a ritual for the family to have brownie cake for desert after dinner

But baking a brownie cake for a family of 4
and baking a brownie cake for a party of 30
and baking a brownie cake with fondant icing with a beyblade theme proved to be very different

I soon realised

When the decision was made to bake the cake
I was still clueless about the beyblade part
but I thought if I could figure out how to make the fondant
I should be able to figure out how to MOLD a beyblade using the fondant

Sounds like a plan ya
a vague one though

So it took me close to a week
to research, design, plan, test, bake and finally knead and mold the fondant
It was hell lot of work but the joy of seeing the cake in completion
was as sweet or perhaps as triumphing as conquering the highest peak

The boy was thrilled
He was especially pleased with his 2 fondant beyblades on the cake
Molded using the kids’ toys and junks
An attempt that exhausted all my creativity cells

The sparkle in his eyes and the happiness on his face was worth every ounce of sweat and hard work that was put in



Then the worst nightmare of any bakers had to happen

After the birthday song was sang and the cake was cut
We found out to our dismay that some part of the cake remained as moist as the batter

The inside of the cake was NOT cooked !

What can be more cruel
than to have a 7 year old face his birthday cake and can’t eat it !

I was crushed
My heart sank
I just ruined my son’s birthday party !

Everyone just stared
Some insisted on eating the cake
but I knew better than to let them try

The hardest part was to see the cake goes into the bin
To see my days of effort goes into the trash
It was such a shame

Luckily I had prepared a few batches of cupcakes for the kids to bring home
We ended up eating those for the party
They were the saving grace

I still can’t quite get over the fact that I baked an inedible cake for my son’s birthday party

My only consolation was Malcolm’s countless thank you whenever he saw me worked on the cake
He ended up having to console me when the cake didn’t turn out successful


Despite all the hassle I actually had fun creating my first fondant cake
I learned quite a bit about making cake with fondant icing
The most important lesson of all was
Choose a cake recipe that you are 200 % sure that will work !



  1. sunflower says:

    Hey Rachel, check with you, where you get those alpahbet cutter. I like the font.

    P/S: I am planning to make some cupcakes for Yvette’s 3rd Birthday too!

    • malmal says:

      hey sunflower,
      I got most of my baking stuff from Phoon Huat
      The alphabet cutter is from Wilton.
      I would have gotten Phoon Huat brand as they were much cheaper but they were all sold out
      Took me a while to figure out how to use these cutter
      If you are using fondant, remember to use lots of icing sugar on the surface you are working on so that the fondant will not stick to the cutter

      will try to share more on my experience in fondant making in my next post

  2. Yi Huey says:

    so sorry to hear abt the cake! must have been so embarassing cos if it were me, i wld have wanted to dig a hole and hide!! (and hence i wld probably never try to bake a cake for j’s birthday) but the great thing is that u get to experience malcolm’s love – the understanding that whether his mum is perfect, he stil loves her anyhow 🙂 u r truly an inspiring mum!

    • malmal says:

      haha yihuey,
      luckily most of the pp invited were family and close friends else it would be really embarrassing.
      I think the best part for me personally is learning how to make a cake with fondant icing, it is no longer such an impossible task to make those cutesy and lovely cakes
      It is also heartening to know that Malcolm appreciates the effort
      I do aspire to bake an edible fondant cake though, probably for Marcus birthday …hmmmm

  3. sengkangbabies says:

    Although the cake did not make it, but you should be comforted and so PROUD, that Malcolm is sensible and mature enough, to turn around and console you 🙂 (wow, beyblade somemore )

    • malmal says:

      thanks Andy !
      indeed comforting to know my little man is sensitive and sensible enough but I think his 7th birthday party will be his most memorable one for a long time
      oh yeah I fret over those beyblades for nights….glad I manage to make something out of my kids’ junks !

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