Toast To Mother’s Day

After spending Friday night in front of the TV
watching the most emotionally charged national event in my 38 years of life
We ended up sleeping in on Saturday morning (my husband does it all the time)

Well..kind of
You see I couldn’t remember when was the last time I woke up later than the boys

But on Saturday morning, the boys gave up waking me up

They went over to the kid’s room
Poured out toys
Pulled out books
then back to my room
jumped on my bed
and repeated again

I vaguely heard my 7 year old complaining that he was hungry
with me mumbling something in reply
before they scurried off

When I finally dragged myself out of bed
I found the duo in the kitchen

The little one perching over the kitchen top
eagerly watching his elder brother doing his job and repeatedly saying HOT


Someone has taught them how to make the loveliest toast




    • malmal says:

      hey kole, thanks !
      now they just need different cookie cutters to make ‘present’ for different occasions ! ha

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