Counting Down To An Unadventurous Adventure

I bought a new pair of sandals the other day

It was only after bringing it home that I realized that I had the exact same pair of sandals a few years ago

The soles were so worn then that I had to throw it away

Many years later now, I am back with the same pair of sandals



Then I spend days poring through travel brochures, reviews and travel guides

I end up choosing the same old looming mountains and blooming flowers for our upcoming June holiday trip

The old reeks of familiarity

Some things never change



So in less than a week’s time, we will be meeting the smokey mountains

We will be reading different kinds of road signs

looking out for different kinds of pedestrians

slowing down for different kinds of traffic



Life would move at a snail’s pace

while we spend the days stacking stones

jumping hopscotch

blowing dandelion

chatting with the locals

and munching flowers



It’s time to kick off those heels

and start counting down to an unadventurous adventure


Note : Backlogged pictures from our previous trips to the Bernese Alps

Read about our most memorable hike here



    • malmal says:

      hey angeline,
      we were so smitten by the place that we have to go back again. It will be quite an experience this time round to hike with 2 kids.. Marcus is heavier now and I am not sure how well we can handle him in the carrier this time round…will see

  1. Maddysmum says:

    Hi Rachel,

    First of all, beautiful photos, and a great choice of holiday destination. I can’t wait for my number 2 to be big enough for travelling, I’m not so fit to carry her all along :).

    Secondly, I can’ t help but it makes me sad to see that the mountain is no longer full of snow due to global warming……

    But, I hope that you will enjoy your holiday. How many of you travelling, and what did you bring? May be you can write a post on travelling with two kids?

    • malmal says:

      thanks maddsmum ! there will be just the 4 of us traveling this time. Will share my experience on traveling with kids in upcoming post…there are many backlog in my archives 😉
      the photos of the mountain were taken during our last trip which was beginning of summer thus the melting snow….the village we are staying does not allow any cars…everyone has to take trains to get there, the Swiss is doing their bit in saving our Earth, we sure have lots to learn from them.

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