My Little Mountaineers

If we had mountains back home

I have little doubt that both my kids will grow up to be mountaineers

Our infatuation for the mountains seems to have rubbed off them

You see, they just can’t seem to stop hiking

Whether there is a snow field

or a gruelling knee busting slope

or obstacles that require climbing

they trek, they hike and they walk non stop

They stop to eat, drink and rest

Only when they are totally worn out

and then they will go on hiking again

It was only when the snow became too deep

wetting and freezing Malcolm’s toes

and the slippery ice on the precarious slopes

threatened to turn the hike into a disaster

that we decided that we should terminate and halt

With eyes on the approaching end

so near yet so distantly far

we turned back and retraced our steps

To face another crisis

Missing the last train down the mountain


But it all went well

Very much due to the kind souls that we met along the way

A Scottish man who helped us retraced the precrious icy slopes back down

and the Swiss train conductor who treated us to lively country music

soothing our weary bodies while riding down the winding path

A 2 hours 50 min trail  that took us 7 hours

The Eiger Trail defeated us today

but my little mountaineers will be back one day to walk you again


Note : The trail was effectively still closed when we attempted. It was probably due to the icy slopes we encountered.



  1. Leonny says:

    WOW!! That’s sooo good! Esp for the littlest one to want to walk uphill and all!

    And, btw … LOVE the mountain view! I can imagine the fresh air! =)

  2. rachel says:

    hey Leonny,
    ya the little one is very active and loves climbing around…he is very different from Mal when he was young

    we are now at Murren…a very small and quiet village surrounded by mountains…it is 930 pm and the sun hasn’t set…

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