To The Rockpile Of Bigalnalp

Up on the ridge of Bigalnalp you sat

stacked high by passing hikers

who had you painstakingly built

like a guardian to your  masters

Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch

[ from left to right : Eiger,  Mönch and Jungfrau]

On the ridge of Bigalnalp we met

Our baby strapped in a sling

You stood handsomely tall


We tried for a picture or two

but the wind too strong

and the air too chilly

we left with only memories of you

He was 8 month old


On the ridge of Bigalnalp we met once more

Our baby still strapped in a sling

this time with his big brother too

they were thrilled to see a rockpile as huge as you


They sneaked some pebbles from you

and stacked you up with more than they took

It was amazing how tall you still stood

after all the storms that you had weathered through

Then we remembered we needed a picture or two

But the baby fussed

and the wind howled

the drizzle came

and we all needed to haste


We grabbed our quickest modern tool

1, 2, cheese

and we managed a few pictures with you

He is 20 month old

May the weather show mercy the next time we meet

and we shall sip coffee

have a snack or two

in the grandeur of your 3 masters

Eiger, Jungfrau and  Mönch


Note : We came across this same rockpile during our hikes in June 2010 and 2011. It is between Wengernalp  and Klein Scheidegg Railway station. Due to weather, photos in this post were taken during our recent hike using camera phone. It was the easiest and most convenient way.



    • malmal says:

      hey thanks pc 🙂
      this trail is fairly easy and enjoyable…it will be easier without having to sling a 11 kg with me…but that is the only way. I am just glad that he still want me to sling…else it will be impossible for us to hike. I remember doing the same for Malcolm when he was about 2…we slinged him and hiked yellowstone national park…luckily we have the sling…else it will be impossible to enjoy the great outdoors when the kids are little 🙂

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