Back To Reality

We are back !

The 12 hours return flight was okay
except that I had to carry the little one most of the time to sleep

The bassinet we had was more for dumping the kids’ toys and snacks and all the barang barangs that one needs to carry when traveling with kids

Occasionally he gets to play in his ‘throne’ while we take our meals

He can be happy with just a straw sometimes

Unlike our departure flight, the return flight was a day flight (as in it was Switzerland day time)
so our body clocks weren’t really prepared to sleep even with all the shutters drawn on board the plane

The little one spent a great deal of time walking up and down the aisle and playing at the stairway at the back of the plane

The elder one was just happy… lost in the book he was reading

We touched down just in time to catch the beautiful sunrise at the airport while sipping coffee and having breakfast at our favourite coffee joint at the airport

We do miss our kopi tiam style coffee and tea

The madness only started when we reached home
It still puzzles me how an empty house can get so dusty over 2 weeks even with all the windows shut

We spent the morning at home, scrubbing, mopping and wiping every open surface in the house

Unpacked the luggage and did the mountain high laundry

The little one took a quick nap and then we were off to a friend’s house for a baby’s full month party

Took him to the pediatrician the next day to get all his overdue vaccinations

Met up with a friend and the kids came over to play

It was amazing how much we accomplished


The jet lagged only sets in on the 2nd night and the kids were still up at 2 am, playing Bob the Builder’s Scoop

I read somewhere that for every 1 hour time difference, the body needs a day to recover from jet lag

If so is true, then we will take close to a week to recover since the place we traveled to is 6 hours behind Singapore time

I am just glad that this jet lagged thing only gets to us now and not when we were traveling

And thank goodness it is still school holiday so we can sleep all that we want


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