Ownership and Responsibility

So we gave in to his request and let him keep the praying mantis
We got my parents to help take care of it when we were away for 2 weeks

Instead of hunting for bugs and creepy crawlers
my parents did the smarter thing
they bought crickets from the aquarium stall in the wet market to feed it

The little guy had instant food packed in a takeaway container for 2 weeks
He ate well and grown bigger

Now back at our home, I am not very keen to be the one taking care of this new member to the family

We had a talk with Malcolm and decided that he will be responsible to feed and clean up his little green friend’s home

We explained to him how boring it is to be locked up all day so he has to play with his friend regularly

He seems happy to do anything so long as he gets to keep the praying mantis

So the deal is
He takes care of his pet, he gets to keep it
If not, the praying mantis goes free


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