At Making Sushi

My elder son has been eating a lot of sushi in school lately
They sell them in rolls and according to him, they are easier to eat, which leaves him more time to play during recess time

I have been thinking of learning how to make sushi so that he can pack to school
But I stopped short at adding another item to my to-do-list

Recently my toddler has been very fussy with his food and mealtimes have been nothing but stress
He would spit out his food and refuse anything I cooked
I ended up with a very clingy, fussy, weepy toddler who wants nothing but to attack the ‘food’ under my blouse
It has been very draining and is sapping my energy dry

I was out the other day and was late to rush home to prepare dinner
Instead  I packed some sushi
And guess what
My fussy toddler chomped down the seaweed wrapped cold rice
That was easy, I thought
which gave me another reason why I should really learn how to make sushi

So last weekend, I went to Daiso and grabbed some equipment for making sushi

I was overwhelmed by the various sushi molding makers but ended up choosing the traditional mat after having overheard someone next to me who complained that the mold makers didn’t work for her

I came home and made sushi for my family that night

My first roll was a total mess
The sushi was falling apart
The rice and filling were all in the wrong place

But the boys finished them anyhow
which was an instant morale booster

I ended up making more

After countless attempts and stuffing my face with chunks after chunks of messy sushi rice
I finally churned out something decent…I thought






  1. Rachel says:

    The sushi looks delish, anyhow, I learnt this from a sushi chef before;
    – rice needs to be spread out to 4/5 of the seaweed, from the bottom (your pic is correct)
    – All Fillings have to be placed in the middle of the rice
    – Start rolling and folding in tightly from the bottom with the rice bit
    Moulds don’t work as well unfortunately…the sushi mat is prob best thing to use.

    • malmal says:

      hey Rachel
      Thanks so much for your tips … I got lots to learn from some of the mummies out there who churn out yummy sushi / bento for their kids everyday. u r right abt spreading out to 4/5 of seaweed part…i didn’t know anything better the first time and have the rice fully spread, everything just ooze out…thanks again for sharing đŸ™‚

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