Weekend Ride

Both my parents are in their 60s and have retired from the workforce
But they lead active lives

They exercise everyday
They brisk walk, they cycle, they sing, they dance
Basically I think they lead a healthier lifestyle than me

Over the weekend, my parents with a couple of  friends did a very cool thing
They visited us

Not by bus or by train or by car or any public transport
But in their very own bikes

My parents basically ‘hijacked’ my sis and my bro-in-law’s mountain bikes and cycled across the island
They started early in the morning at my parents’ place from Sengkang
Caught the sunrise at Punggol
Zipped through Pasir Ris
Joined up a friend inTampines
Ride through Bedok and met us up at East Coast Park

We lay out mats and had picnic
We ate buns and homemade sushi while the kids entertained them

Then we sent them off in our wheels
Malcolm in his rented bike and me in my roller blades, pushing Marcus in the jogger
We did the longer route via Changi Coast Road that runs parallel to Changi Airport’s runway
because Malcolm really wanted to see them off at the runway


It was a glorious day
which was all so healthy and energy bustling

Now Malcolm can’t wait to get his very own bike so that he could join them in their next adventure ride

And me … I WANT to be like these people when I grow old



Note : With the Park Connector Network (PCN), cycling, jogging, blading round the country is a breeze.
Check out their DIY Trail Guides for some fun outdoor activity ideas

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