Breaking Down

My husband is currently away
He will be away for 3 weeks which makes me a single mum during this period
Today is the 12th day and it’s becoming creepy how things start to break down when the man is out of town

First my living room air con refused to work after the regular servicing
The gas was topped up, the fan was changed, money was paid but the air con still refused to work

The rule for the servicing was
I have to pay up for troubleshooting and changing of parts
If it works, great
If it doesn’t, tough

I ended up paying for an old fan that doesn’t solve the problem
which brings me back to my usual grouse about dealing with servicing man of home appliances

I had no choice but to call in the manufacturer which was usually more costly

The guy came and after days of running back and forth
the air con was finally revived

Apart from the motherboard that was faulty, the pre-owrned fan wasn’t functioning as well

I was left with an air con that is finally working, an old fan and a very curious toddler



Then today my 2 year old car broke down

I was on the highway when the engine warning light came on with the gear display flashing
The car began to jerk as I was driving but I was lucky to make it home

The tow truck was called in but I had to interfere to stop the Bangladesh tow truck guy from using brute force to yank out the car key at neutral gear

Now I worry for the safety of my ‘baby’ in their hands

After all the hustle and bustle, I finally got down to cooking dinner

Just when I was about to rush out to pick up my elder son from school
I realized that the rice wasn’t cooking

Oh great
My 10 year old rice cooker broke down !



I think I need the man to be home to break the spell




  1. Ing says:

    Oh dear… I can totally understand how it feels to have a hub who’s overseas. But to have things breaking down when the man is not around, it’s tough. Hang in there!

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