Naughty Corner

So I remember vividly how my toddler showed signs of terrible 2 when he was barely a year old

We would usually give him a stern ‘NO’ when he does something he isn’t supposed to do
Instead of backing off and stop
He would flash us his cheekiest grin and cutest chuckle
treating our disapproval as some kind of joke or a start to some kind of fun game

Marcus started testing his boundaries at a very tender age
and he is just so….happy-go-lucky, if that’s how to describe

It can get frustrating, putting our patience to great test
He was SO NOT LIKE his elder brother

I have to admit that his cute grin and chuckle does work
and he does get his way
until recently when we started using the naughty corner

Even so, it wasn’t easy
Because 5 minutes later when I came back

He had hid behind the drapes
pulled up the basket of books
and happily ‘reading’ them

I didn’t know how to continue with the punishment after that



    • malmal says:

      hey pc, the 2nd one is just so different from his brother….he is a tough little guy and I was telling my hub…he definitely didn’t get that from me …..

  1. Daddy says:

    Hahahaha…I have the same problem especially when Ryan is in his full play mode. When he is in his play mode, no amount of shouting, screaming or NOs have any effect on him until we threaten to put him to his naughty corner and leave him alone (which is currently his biggest fear). Thank God, it is still working…and hopefully will continue to work …..

    • malmal says:

      hey daddy, thanks for sharing…glad that the naughty corner works for Ryan…I am still working on it and hoping that I don’t have to resort to using the rod ! I never have to use that for my elder one…and hope it will remain so..fingers crossed 🙂

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