Trees of Our Garden City

I was pleasantly surprised when one of my photo made it to the cover of a book

Nah … just kidding

I have always been pretty amazed by how Singapore transformed herself from a fishing village into a garden city within such a short span of time
Many cities that I have visited with much longer histories do not have this much greenery

I was at the Singapore Botanic Garden’s souvenir shop the other day when the title of this book caught my attention
I was soon drawn to the picture on the cover that looks almost identical to a photo I took early this year while searching for my oak tree

Apparently this book is the 2nd edition of ‘Trees of Our Garden City’, a publication by the National Parks Board that was launched in Oct 2009

Perhaps I did come across this book and had subconsciously stored the photo composition into memory

But I doubt it

A beautiful arc created by the branches of these old trees
It’s interesting how the trees all lean towards the sea
and it is nice knowing that someone else ‘sees’ what I saw

I remember my husband not being able to tell where I shot this although we were both very familiar with this stretch of road

I wonder whether is it just him

and I am now eager to find out the photographer for the book cover


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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I stumbled upon your blog and have always wanted to know where was this shot at. Mind to share? Nice trees 😀

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