Teacher’s Day Craft : Bottle Tree

Malcolm came home from school the other day saying that his teacher told them not to give her anything for teacher’s day
I thought perhaps the reason was she doesn’t want the kids to splurge on anything expensive

But because we had a super long weekend due to the country’s presidential election, we ended up making something anyway

Something inexpensive

We made this using one of those empty fruit juice bottles that I had collected

I was clueless when it comes to the type of paint to use over different medium
I used acrylic paint but later found out that glass paint should be used instead

In any case, the tree trunk and branches look okay after a few coat of paint
So I had Malcolm punched out some leaves and had them pasted on

We ended up with quite a good looking glass Bottle Tree

Malcolm is still contemplating whether to give this to his teacher

But I have decided
If he changes his mind
We will turn this into an oil lamp for our living room


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