Mid-Autumn Cars-tival (Recycled Lantern Craft)

My toddler is a car fanatic
in fact he is crazy over anything with wheels

So when Cars 2 came out
I knew I had to bring him to the show

The kids enjoyed it so much
that we had to rush to the store to get the original Cars movie

No, we haven’t watched the 2006 Cars
and were clueless about the craze over a talking red car wearing a 95
Now we know

The story is beautiful,
much more so than the second installment

Route 66, the Mother Road, winding through the desert,
passing through sleepy little towns,
each with so much to tell,
of their heydays and their fall from grace
and of their hopes for a comeback

oh and the country music
makes me feel so nostalgic
It just tugs at my heart strings
and brings back fond memories
of a long time ago
that makes me fall in love again

The kids love it
They watch it again and again
Malcolm knows every single character in the show by now

So while everyone is talking about Cars 2
we are very much still living in 2006

So much so that this Mid Autumn Festival
they will be walking around with the Hudson Hornet instead of Francesco Bernoulli
and I will be reminiscing the good old times
on a old country road far away


Material needed to make the above Cars Lantern

1. Used plastic fruits packaging
2. Glue
3. Acrylic paint
4. Scissors
5. Tea light candle
6. Blue Tac (to hold candle in place)
7. Thin wire
8. Disposable chopstick (for carrying lantern)

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    • malmal says:

      hey tin, these are pretty easy to make…the paint work take abit longer but could easily finish in an hour or two…but if u do multiple coat of paint…then will take longer as need to wait for the paint to dry before putting the next layer

    • malmal says:

      hey thanks Rachel. One of those things that I enjoy doing with the kids…my brain gets to work a little harder too. Satisfaction from turning junk to something not so junky 🙂

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