Leaving a Legacy : Steve Jobs

It was Thursday morning when I read the shocking news from my iPhone
Steve Jobs the genius behind the phone I was holding has passed away at age 56

I was still recovering from the news when the door bell rang
Someone from Apple Care had came to deliver my iMac
It was sent in for repair the day before as the hard disk had crashed

Just 1 day and the machine was resurrected
I certainly didn’t expect the service to be this prompt
and coincidentally, it came by while I was still taken aback by the news of the passing on of the person who was behind this machine

It was this coincidence that prompted this post

I am not a technoid
I don’t lust over or chase after the latest technology and gadgets
It’s an expensive hobby which a housewife cannot afford
furthermore I am lousy at reading manuals

My husband had learned his lesson
Never to buy me electronics gifts that are too sophisticated
They will end up becoming white elephants

I was never a fan of Macintosh
For a long time, I was happy with my PC
because I can get cheap compatible software
They were everywhere

Getting a Mac was like buying a car that guzzles up petrol
It’s foolish
unless they are super cars which clearly outperform
but back then in the 1980s and early 1990s, a Macintosh wasn’t

Then came the colourful iMac in 1997
which revolutionized the look of the dull looking machine
I shrugged it off as just another fad
The reason for not getting one remained
another reason also because they were pricier

Apple continued to innovate and created the Macbook, the iPod and the iPhone
I remember first seeing an iPhone on a flight from Salt Lake City to Phoenix back in 2007
A man sitting next to me was holding on to one
He was swiping on the screen
It was sleek and stylish
A beautiful thing
I didn’t know what it was until later
It was Apple’s latest product

Still, it was much later when I finally bought my first iPhone in Singapore
It was their 3rd release, the 3GS

There are the PC users and the Mac users
I was still very much a PC users and thought and knew nothing about the Mac interface and system
If anything, it was the design of the iPhone that won me over

I was slow to follow
but since then, I hadn’t looked back

Our subsequent purchases included an iMac and a MacBook Air
I was brought out of my little cocoon of the PC world
I had changed side to be a Mac user

Apple products had changed how I connect with friends, how I listen to music, how I take pictures, edit them and how I read
It had changed my life and my beliefs

The craze over Apple’s product is more than aesthetic and hype
It is usability and reliability (I had dropped my iPhone countless times)

As I sat here composing this post, browsing through pictures, messaging my husband and listening to music
I know my life will be very different without this man
and to think that he achieved all these things in the face of adversity while fighting tough battles with death

He imagined, he dreamed, he believed, he did and he created
some of the most amazing everyday things in our lives
and shaped the face of technology
inspiring countless attempts at greatness

Immortality is not about living forever
but about leaving a legacy, and living in our memories





  1. pc says:

    I feel sad too. I love my iphone and admire all his creations!

    But I remain a PC user. Probably waiting for the right time to make the big change.

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