Eiffel Tower

The kids love playing with Lego
It is one of those toys that could keep them entertained for hours

They build cars, planes, submarines, ships and whatever they could imagine
Sometimes they would build an extensive city
It is impressive

Unfortunately these fixture seldom last long
They are usually dismantled and broken apart

I almost feel sorry because of the amount of time and effort that were put into each creation
They would have made very good looking display sets instead of just inconspicuous colourful little pieces tossed inside toy boxes

The kids obviously don’t think so and are fine fixing and breaking them
And repeat everything again


Except this

I have to admit not so proudly that I built this

It is supposed to be Eiffel Tower
Apart from the playground, this is about the other most ‘creative’ thing I have ever made with Lego

And since the day it was built, it has been standing in Malcolm’s bedroom, on top of his book shelf, amongst his toys, accumulating dust

He guards it like a guardian angel and would put back every single piece if they fall off
He wouldn’t dismantle it even if he runs out of pieces to build something nicer
He treats this eye sore like some kind of precious treasure

He just loves it so much
It is just so silly

Yet sometimes, it is this kind of silliness and uncomplicated love that melts my heart and makes me a happy and contented mom



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