A Cake For My Mum

I have to admit that my confidence at baking birthday cakes was crushed after my son’s failed birthday cake
It’s like how an accident can wreck a driver’s confidence
It takes time to rebuild the same level of confidence, courage and perhaps complacency for another reckless act

For some it may mean the end of their driving life
For others with weaker memories, they will be back to doing stupid things again

I belong to the latter

I totally forgot the amount of time, effort and sweat behind that cake
It’s like forgetting how painful it is to climb a mountain
You need to do it again to remember the pain

So we celebrated my mum’s birthday over the weekend
I thought I’ll bake her a cake and this time I’ll have it better planned out

I drafted out the cake
I searched for a base cake recipe that would work 200 %
I thought through the colour scheme
I was kept awake thinking about my cake in different colours

Finally I had it all visualized
A purple cake with a yellow ribbon around it
Adorned with purple lilies with yellow pistils

How lovely

I swear I was never this organized
and had never executed anything this well thought through before
My husband will be so proud of me

So it took me a couple of days to research and plan
A day to squish the fondant from marshmallow
Another day to bake the cake and make the icing
and finally on the grand day, I coloured the fondant, molded and put everything together

I had my fondant in purple
Checked with the boys and they all thought that I had gotten a lovely purple
I had it draped over my cake
Trimmed and smoothened
All primped and proper

It was only when I started colouring my fondant yellow to match the purple that I realised that my ‘purple’ cake didn’t look quite purple
I only realised that after putting a yellow piece of fondant next to the cake

You see, pink doesn’t really quite go with yellow
So though my brain was telling me to make yellow
my other side of the brain was yelling HELL YIIIKKKES !

It was then that my well thought through plan started to crumble into bits and pieces
Instead of kneading yellow, I started kneading red
and instead of molding lily, I started molding what looked more like cherry blossoms

Everything was totally NOT what I had planned

I realised that an amateur baker can’t plan and bake
She makes do with what she has and what she can

I ended up with a very PINK cake, with PINK cherry blossom, RED pistils and a RED ribbon
It was TOTALLY different from what I had in mind

Apart from looking a bit plasticky
tasting a bit too chewy
the chocolate cake a little too dense

All was well
At least better than the previous train wreck
Everyone got to eat their share

It was my first homemade birthday cake for my mum
but I think my toddler loves it more than anyone else
cos he got to eat a PINK chocolate cake





  1. Mrs T says:

    It is your thought and effort that counts to your mother, Rachel. She looked so happy cutting the cake you made for her. Dun think I will ever be able to bake 1 cake for my mother. =)

    • malmal says:

      Thanks Mrs T…I m sure u can…it’s easier if minus the icing….even easier if u can get one of those premix one 🙂 the base cake recipe I used is quite simple…can forward u the recipe if u want 😉

      • Mrs T says:

        Thanks for your encouraging words. Hmm…please share with me the recipes though I have yet to master the basic cooking skills! =p. Thanks!

  2. Yen says:

    Hi Rachel, I’m not trying to be nice but your cake looks good. But most importantly is the effort that you put into it. Edible or not is different story 🙂 Don’t give up!

    • malmal says:

      thanks Yen for your encouragement…but seriously after these couple of attempts, I totally understand why they charge so much for fondant icing cakes…they are so tedious to make, from making the fondant to colouring to decorating…lots of work and skill involved

  3. Daddy says:

    Hei…the thought alone far surpass how the cake would turn out and believe me, it is probably the best cake that your mum would have tasted (in her heart)…

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