If You Can’t Go To The Mountain

Then bring the mountain to you

Our mountain village completes with alpine trees, chugging train and not-quite-the-correct-kind of animals

My elder boy has been bugging for a ski holiday this December holiday
but with all the flu and viruses that plagued me lately
I shudder at the thought of having to brave through sub zero snow storm and bitter cold winter

Yet with the unrelenting rain these days, it sort of feel like winter even in this part of the world
And with my sinuses slowing clearing up, a skiing trip suddenly feels very possible

So I did a search for last minute flight and accommodation and was thrilled to find that I could still book everything even at this very last minute
Even the chalet we stayed during our last trip was still available

The dream of a skiing holiday was almost within grasp
All I needed to do was to click some buttons, pay the money and we are all set to go

Then I hopped over to the weather forecast website
and made a crucial discovery that dashed all hope

The snow hasn’t come in
Everything is still closed
Cold winter without snow makes one bitter and miserable

Boy, was I glad to check out the weather
For once it pays to plan our holiday last minute !

I guess we shall spend this holiday reminiscing about the good times over old photos, which in fact, makes the missing worse

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