A Different Christmas

We are back from a short trip to a village 250 km up north
a place that is still spared from the commercialization of Christmas
where mistletoe and Santa Clause do not exist

We celebrated the kids’ great grandfather’s 95th birthday on Christmas Eve
and spent Christmas Day feasting on durians, feeding hens, chasing after geese and watching them lay eggs

The kids absolutely LOVE it and refused to come home
But I thought the trip would have been perfect if I didn’t forget the Christmas hats

So I had to do this when I got home …

Whatever is beautiful

Whatever is meaningful

Whatever brings you happiness

May it be yours this holiday season

and throughout the coming year





  1. pc says:

    Lovely staycation~! Brave Malcolm catching the chicken.
    i wish i know where to go to for this coming weekend:(.

    Anyway, wishing you a wonderful year ahead~:).

    • malmal says:

      hey pc, hope you had great fun for the new year countdown. here’s wishing you and your family good health, happiness and all the good things for the new year

  2. malmal says:

    hey Andy, glad that we still have a kampong to retreat to…the kids definitely love it and I always feel rested and relax staying there. Happy New year to you and your family too

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