December Crafting

December had been a busy month of crafting
We spent many rainy days indoor making gifts and cards
We made a snowy Christmas scene created using paper cuts for my sister’s new home
The kids helped to sponge out the background and sprinkle white snowflakes using old toothbrush and comb

Then I dug out enough scraps to make some greeting cards

Malcolm spent many hours hiding in his room with his intruder alarm activated (a gadget he made during the school holiday) to ward off intruders from entering his room while he worked on this little surprise

He finally emerged from his room a day before Christmas with this

A very cool 3D card he made all by himself

I gasped and was totally dumfounded when he handed me the card
Totally surprised and impressed not because of how perfectly flawless the card was

In fact I could tell from the markings and creases on the card, how hard he must had struggled to get the card right
The Christmas trees were recycled from the stash that I had folded a while ago and he had haphazardly glued them on
Some of the trees were falling off when I opened the card

I was touched by his effort and how he had painstakingly put everything together and made something he had never tried before

I still couldn’t get over the fact that my 7 year old made me a 3D card, all by himself, without my help !
And I am still engulfed and overwhelmed by this silly weird feeling of pride and joy and shock and disbelief

My baby is all grown up

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