My Toddler’s Cherry Blossom

My toddler and I did this last week

An afternoon of straw blowing and finger dabbing fun

It’s good to get someone with a strong heart to do the branches to prevent momentary lightheadedness though

My toddler took over the straw blowing and he made big fat branches (those on the right) because he blew saliva instead of air

My 7 year old saw it when he came home from school and thought it was fun

So he did the same thing and made them into greeting cards for his grandparents instead

I can’t believe it

The Chinese Lunar New Year is less than a week away

It’s happening too fast !


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    • malmal says:

      thanks Homeschool@sg…just popped by your site…I sure can ‘steal’ lots of ideas from your home schooling curriculum šŸ™‚ thanks for sharing

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