Martha Stewart’s Cherry Blossom

SO I was really trying to declutter
but I have to confess
I suck at throwing things

I couldn’t part with my elder boy’s worn and tattered baby shoes
His first pair of shoes that mark his walking milestone

I dug out his preschool worksheets
just to have them slot back neatly into the file
Here’s how his first stroke looks like when he learned to write

I pulled out his old books from the shelf
those that I read to him so often till he could remember every single word
I can hold on to them a bit longer, his younger brother might love them as much

You can count on me to come up with reasons ‘Why Not To Throw Things’
Every item brings back memories
Going through them put me under emotional strain
It is more tiring than doing a 10km run or 1km swim !

Then I opened up my craft box
one spewed with craft materials that I had amassed over the years
It is embarrassing how much I had accumulated
They can last me a lifetime making greeting cards

So in an effort to clear my craft box
I made enough cherry blossom to fill up every corner of my house this year and probably my mum’s house as well

I made Martha Stewart’s cherry blossom
and my very own pussy willow rolled from cotton balls

I guess I wouldn’t be visiting any nursery this year
and spare me the agony of watching the new year flowers wither and die under my care

These flowers made from twigs collected from an abandoned grassland, left over coloured tissue paper and pigeon cotton balls saved from my toddler’s babyhood can probably last me a lifetime or till the next time when I find enough energy and courage to declutter

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  1. Shirley says:

    I feel exactly the same way as you when i am doing spring cleaning for CNY. Everything seems so precious to me and they form warm memories of the past. I even have those greeting cards from my primary school friends!!

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