Faith and Grace

Oh gosh, it has been close to 3 weeks since I last written on this space
I realised how easy it is to abandon this space when life goes topsy-turvy

The 15 days of Lunar New Year celebration had just ended and we spent most part of it next to my father, in the hospital where he was warded

We almost lost him to a very bad infection
It happened so fast, too fast
and we barely had time to react, much less call and inform all our friends and relatives

Within days, the bacteria crippled his strong and healthy body
Everything inside him started failing
Our lives came to a standstill and all we could do was hope for the best



Thankfully, he is recovering now and life is slowly back to where it paused

It is good to wake up to the sun rise

and watch the deciduous leaves dance under the glorious sun

To pray for divine power beyond flesh and blood … is faith

To have him back … is grace






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