Discovering Lalang

They have a moreΒ elegant name which I Β can’t pronounce

And used to be in abundance on our little island

But like many things beautfiul, are vanishing fast with a country’s progress

Moving forward has its price to pay

I have an affinity for these pestilent weed

and would squeal with delight when our paths cross

like how I would go crazy over dandelion fields during our Alpine hikes

A sign of wilderness

where nature still orchestrates its destiny

And you can imagine how excited I was when we chanced upon this lalang field

more excited than my 2 1/2 year old

who for some reasons still drooling profusely

especially when he is fixated on something interesting and new

So we waded through the thick overgrowth

followed a well trodden path

discovering lalang along the way





  1. Rachel says: is so far from where I stay πŸ™ But I think it is great that u make that effort to bring the boys out to experience nature…it is so important our kids learn how to enjoy and appreciate these simple but beautiful things in life.

  2. June says:

    Lovely pics. Can really tell how excited the boys are at this discovery. Wish I could discover lalang around where I live…but mostly just mimosa (touch-me-nots) and common plants and trees. But still, it’s great to be able to explore and learn about nature with our kids…truly precious! πŸ˜›

  3. malmal says:

    hey ladies, thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ Actually we came across this by chance after the Singapore Airshow. I was curious to find out where the path leads us so I got the boys to follow. The end of the trail doesn’t look very pleasant, in fact it was quite a disappointment. It was a pity that this beautiful lalang field ended with a deserted beach spewed with garbage.

    @Rachel : we love going to the west side of the island too πŸ™‚ I always feel that the west side has much more greenery than the east

    @June : the kids love to play with mimosa too but haven’t been seeing much of them lately… I guess if we ditch the car and do more walking, will be able to see them along the roadside…hmmm

    @Sandra : I bet u get to see lots of dandelion fields in Switzerland ! They are just so pretty and seeing them make me happy

  4. mimi says:

    I love that you make the effort to connect the kids with nature. and yes, it makes me very sad that we are losing a lot of nature environment here. I really hope there is more conservation projects than replacing with boutique parks with carefully-trimmed bushes.

  5. Chris Long says:

    It is really beautiful lalang field. I was thinking is this lalang field nicer or the punggol one as I hv not been to both. I am looking for a beautiful lalang field for my wedd shot.

  6. Tasya says:

    Hi, if you dont mind can you tell how to go to this lalang fields?
    If driving by car which way or can using bus/mrt?
    I am looking for lalang fields for photobshoot. Thanks in advance

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