The Move

Our family went through some roller coaster ride recently. We were expecting a big move which would see us living on foreign land for another couple of years. Having gone through such moves a couple of times, we thought it would be wiser this time to start everything early.

We did the medical checks, found new schools for the kids, almost booked the air tickets, terminated our lease, finalized on the shipping, started packing and even sold some of our furnitures.

Then came the news. We are not leaving.

If it was any of a consolation, we were given a choice and we chose to stay.

And this is what we had gotten ourselves into

The house is in a mess. We have part of our lives packed in boxes

We had sold our 2 year old sofa for less than 1/4 of the price and are  now living off our kids’ POÄNG chairs and a bean bag.

But guess what, we actually like it.

We love the new space in our living room where the kids could set up their train tracks and race tracks without having someone trip over them and we decided that it shall remain this way. We won’t be getting a new sofa.

And despite the mess, I actually felt relief.

I realized that I have been dreading the move. Perhaps age is catching up on me. I am less excited about going away.  I guess becoming a mom of 2 has made me less adventurous. It is no longer about me, myself and I.

I have 2 kids who depend on me now and I know I have to stay positive no matter how difficult it is. It is like expecting no down time and it can be tiring and draining in a foreign land.

Then there are our friends and family, who really are the people who make this place home.

Perhaps I am just too snuggly tucked in my comfort zone.

In any case, we are staying, perhaps for another year. And I am not complaining.  Will face it when the time comes.

Meanwhile, I am just thankful and happy for moment like this.






  1. SengkangBabies says:

    I am sure the kids will have no problem adapting wherever they go, it is often adults who have to relearn our “habits” like transport, shopping, cooking etc etc. Enjoy your family time in Singapore 🙂

    • malmal says:

      Actually I am more worried about my elder boy who has to get usted to new school and making new friends…he already telling us that he wants to stay cos he likes his school here. I think I will have no problem adapting to the transport and shopping there…cos the roads are wider…parking lots bigger….and when it comes to shopping…it is a paradise ! haha But I know I will miss spore food…so I am getting ready all the local recipes 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Yeah! U are not moving! I think I will probably feel relieved like you did about not making the big move. So much to consider, apart from the things…especially the adjustments that the kids will need to make. Glad to hear that u are contented with how things are, and I hope things for u will stay consistent for some time.

    • malmal says:

      hey rachel yeah, took us a while in the beginning to convince Malcolm to go. He enjoys school here a lot and was upset that he will have to miss school…now that we are not going…he is the first one to jump with joy. The adjustment is going to be tough on him…having to change school and make new friends…but just hope that the transition will be smooth when the time comes

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