Feeling Alive … Mastering Fear

We were at the Army Open House during the weekend.
Unlike previous years  this year’s event wasn’t held in some ulu corner but right in the heart of the city
An idyllic spot, with gentle lapping of the water, shade from our symbolic bridge and view of our phenomenal wheel
The location itself already won our hearts

My boys went berserk seeing all the tanks and guns and flying machines
Weapons of destruction set their testerone surging and raging
Much like the magic of disneyland minus the fairy dust

The whole exhibit covers a vast area and by the time we reached the end of the exhibit, my brain must have been a little fried by the sun
I joined the boys at the quest of the 12m tall adventure tower, which I think is equivalent to 3 story high ?

Not having the proper shoes didn’t stop me
I did a shoe swap with my 8 year old

You see, heights give me wobbly knees
and I occasionally need help to pull the tab of my soda can

To scale a 12m tall wall with pure arms and finger strength I obviously wasn’t thinking
It was only after the gears were strapped and the harnesses were tightened that I realised what I had gotten myself into

I was ushered to the front of the wall and I had to emphasize to the instructor that it was my virgin climb
I stopped short at telling him that I am a year short of turning 40, have a bad knee, very weak arms, not that nimble, certainly not as agile as that little boy on the adjacent wall …

The next few minutes was a daze
The cheers from my boys were drowned
The only voice I could hear was that of the instructor telling me which feet to move, which rock to step, which hand to stretch and which stone to grab
I was already huffing and puffing less than half way up the wall and looking down doesn’t help in regulating my breathe

I realized the best way to shut off the height was to focus on my next move
The trick is to keep on climbing and don’t look down

Judging from the number of pictures my husband took, he obviously had a lot of fun watching me scare myself

He had pictures of me

figuring out my next move

exerting every bit of muscle I have

hanging on for dear life

The struggle went on for about 10 minutes before I finally reached the top and was lowered safely onto the ground

My hands were shaking, my arms aching, my knees hurting
My heart was racing and I felt a little intoxicated
I was totally drained

Just 10 minutes and I had exhausted every ounce of strength and energy in me
Yet, I felt totally alive

So this, is what I have been missing out





  1. Hoonie says:

    u look good on the wall.
    and u can fit in Mal’s shoes? and he is willing to wear yours… hahahhaha

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