Taking A Break

We are probably the most uncreative family when it comes to choosing holiday destination
It has been the same location for the past few years, a carless mountain village sitting 4000 over feet in the Bernese Oberland

We started skipping Europe city tours after a while when we were living in Paris
We concluded that anything man made is probably less intriguing to us
but we could be wrong
it could be just the crowd that is really putting us off

Famous historical places and architerual wonder usually means crowds and queues
Queue if you want to meet the Pope
Queue if you want to get into Colosseum
Queue if you want a take in the view of Paris on top of Eiffel
Queue if ¬†you want a glimpse of Mona Lisa’s smile
the list goes on

Thus it has been the same location year after year
Summer hike and winter ski, it’s a no brainer

The husband came home one day mid June, half way through the school holiday, declaring his leave was cleared and within a few days we had everything booked
Our 8 year old would have to skip a few days of school for this, a pilgrimage

We took an over night flight, reached Zurich in the morning and whisked off to the mountain via a 3 hours train ride

For almost 2 weeks we did nothing but hike and trek the many trails in the region

Many of them we had walked before but every time the experience is different
The weather, the clouds, the wind, the kids gets a little older each time

I joked to my husband how I could find my way around the place even if I am blindfolded
but the truth is, there is much more to the place than what we know

Apart from the trails that we have yet to attempt (I have to admit that it can be tough with kids in tow)
There is the old couple that manages the chalet rental services who tells us a liitle bit more about themselves each time we come
Then there is the little barn house that we never noticed at the end of the winding path
And the quaint little restaurant at the end of the village run by an old couple who lives there
And the train conductor who says hi to our little guy

Each trip we discover a little something more about the place yet there are many who are there for a day just to ride the cogwheel train and claim to have seen and been to the Top of Europe

It still amazes me how a 12 hours flight can bring us to a place so totally different from where we came from
The weather, the language, the culture

We are so different yet so similar
Similar in our struggle and perhaps our dreams and aspirations

I am not much of a traveller as I am often crippled by the comfort of home and food
yet a trip like this humbles me and reminds me of how minuscule I am

It is easy to let go of the daily grouses, grievances and negativity for these became insignificant knowing how tiny I am and where I came from

And I returned, a little stronger, a little wiser (hopefully), recharged and ready to take on life



Note : Pictures heret are taken and processed using iphone. Some shared on the go on my Facebook during the trip


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