Finding the Right Stuff

Home is a rented space
We reckoned that it’s too expensive to buy a house and leave it empty when we travel
and it’s too unbearable to let some thoughtless tenant wreck our home that was lovingly and painstakingly built and created
Since it’s a temporary space, we did not put in much effort to do up the place
We have the necessary furniture, the bed, the sofa and some shelves for storage

I decided on a white leather L-shaped sofa for the house while my husband was away when we first came back from overseas
It was something I thought I always wanted
The sofa fits nicely into the living area
but it was kind of too big for everyone and wasn’t nearly as comfy as we thought it would be
We ended up sitting on the bean bag and the floor most of the time

Even with the not so right sofa
Our home was a decent one
We loved the space

We started to accumulate stuff
Stuff that weren’t necessary but somehow still found a place in the house

Soon, more things began to clutter our space
But we got accustomed to the clutter and stop noticing it

We still love our somewhat cluttered space and we still have the not so right sofa

Then recently we sold away the sofa
It was a relief
We were excited about the new reclaimed space and thought
Yay ! the kids can now scooter and ride in the the house

The kids would sit on their proang chairs to read their books or watch TV
They would run around the house and play catch
The living area became a play area for them

With the new claimed space, our home now look empty and bare
But still cluttered

We began to spend less time sitting around in the living area
Perhaps of the clutter
Or perhaps the house was too bare
Or maybe because the bean bag had grown too old and saggy

Home just don’t seem right even with the space we love and without the not so right sofa

Then one day we decided to do something about it
and stop living for the day when we will move

We threw away what we thought we knew
and tried something new

We bought a new sofa
placed it right in the middle of the living room
squeezed in 2 tall shelves at the back
and a coffee table in front

We divided the living room into 3 sections and used up all the space we love, something we would never had done
We even bought a new easel for the kids, one which we had always liked but thought would clutter the house

In 2 days, we totally transformed our living area
It was as if we had moved into a new house
and we totally love it

Apart from saying how much we adore IKEA
We realised that sometime we should just throw caution to the wind

In this case, it is not just about hogging the space we love, clinging on to old dogma
It is about finding the right stuff to fill it up, trying out something different even if it is beyond our imagination







  1. June says:

    I enjoyed this post… I’ve recently been wondering how to clear the clutter in the house, and re-carve soon-to-be new spaces for new functional/creative/fun purposes. Not that we have much space to work with, but now…I shouldn’t let that hold me back, right? Wish me luck!

    • malmal says:

      I am sure u can do it, June. I think I have been living too long thinking that I need to have the space before I can build enough storage for decluttering. But after this, I realized that it is really possible to have a small cozy organized space. Thanks to brilliant interior designer…it our case it was IKEA. Have to admit that I wasn’t a big fan previously. We figured out that it was the most convenient and cheapest way…can’t say about their quality though. All the best to your declutttering…and hope to see your new space soon

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